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Volunteer Opportunities

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DYF is Accepting Applications for all Volunteer Positions –  Apply Online Now! 


DYF’s programs rely heavily on health professional volunteers and volunteer camp staff at all year round programs. Volunteer opportunities are provide for an incredibly rich experience whether a health professional role, counseling role or program position.  We are always seeking individuals who are dedicated, creative, patient, incredibly hard working, and can function in an environment with high demands and long hours.

All health professional positions at all programs are volunteer positions. Volunteers include Certified Diabetes Educators, General Practitioners, Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Marriage and Family Therapists and more. Registered Nurses earn 30 Continuing Education Units for volunteering six days at either Bearskin Meadow Camp or Camp de los Niños.

For more information please call the DYF at 925.680.4994 or email

To apply to any of our year round or summer programs please click here.


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