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Here is what families have to say about our programs:

A Family Journey” by Carol Gaydon


“The DYF – As important to us as insulin” – Family Camp Parent

“We know that Type 1 Diabetes has long way to go for a “cure” but in the meantime it is very reassuring to know that organizations like DYF are making themselves available through educational programs and activities.” – Parent of BMC Participant


“My parents gave me life, BMC and DYF taught me how to live my life [with diabetes].” – Merilee Silverstein, Former Camper, Counselor and Current DYF Board Director.


“It is the most amazing experience for our family to be in a room with a group of people who just ‘get it’. You create a safe environment where no one is afraid to ask questions.” – Parent Participant, Weekend Education Retreat

“Suddenly, here was my kid again. He didn’t have to hold any part of himself in check. I watched him laugh more and enjoy himself more over the weekend than I have in a long time.” – Parent Participant, Weekend Education Retreat

“We both learned so much about how to live better lives together with diabetes that in such a short time at camp our lives are changed for the better and we leave with so much hope and love.” – Parent Participant, Summer Camp

“(The Diabetic Youth Foundation) has helped us develop strength, courage and insight to just be a normal family, with caring and treating our diabetes as just another every day life thing. The staff, from top to bottom, is very passionate and caring.”– Parent Participant, Summer Camp

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