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10 Reasons to Support DYF

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  1.  DYF has provided over 75 continuous years of services for children, teens and families affected by diabetes.

  2. Accredited by the American Camp Association and a founding member of the Diabetes Education and Camping Association.

  3. Utilizes GAAP non-profit accounting practices and conducts an annual financial audit showing that more than 83% out of every dollar goes to directly support DYF programs and services.

  4. Governed by a volunteer board of directors which includes a cross representation of the business community and 100% of which, financially supports the agency.

  5. Small staff of long-term dedicated professionals with more than 50 years of combined non-profit management experience.

  6. DYF is not a United Way member agency, affiliated with a national organization or recipient of government funding.

  7. More than half of the staff and board are directly impacted by type-1 diabetes and have experienced DYF’s life changing programs.

  8. DYF believes that education, support and guidance is key to enabling individuals to live well with diabetes today allowing them to be in optimum health for changes in the disease tomorrow.  As a result, 84% of program participants report feeling more hopeful about their condition after attending a DYF program.

  9. In 2012 DYF raised more than 2 million dollars through a wide variety of income sources represented by individual, foundation and corporate donations.

  10. Initially founded by a physician from UCSF, DYF works closely with diabetes specialists and medical professionals from throughout Northern California to develop implement and teach cutting edge diabetes management techniques.

There are several ways to support the DYF. Click here for more info.

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