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What is DYF’s tax ID number?


What is the mission of the DYF?

The mission of the DYF is to improve the quality of life for children, teens and families affected by diabetes. We accomplish this by providing education and recreation programs within a supportive community, encouraging personal growth, knowledge and independence.

Does DYF fund research?

No. DYF educates children, teens and families affected by type-1 diabetes how to manage their diabetes properly so they can take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer.

Does DYF report to a National Agency?

No. DYF is a local independent non-profit founded in 1938 by Dr. Mary Olney, a physician from the University of San Francisco.

What is the percentage DYF spends on overhead?

In 2010 (lastest audited figures), DYF spent 16 cents out of each dollar received on administrative and fundraising costs.

Is DYF a United Way Member Agency?

DYF receives designated funds ONLY from United Way.

Is DYF an approved agency in the Consolidated Federal Campaign (CFC)?

Yes. Our number for the Bay Area Campaign is 51208.

How do I register for DYF programs?

DYF utilizes a completely secure online registration and form collection system. With the click of a button you will be able to register for programs, fill out forms, submit payments and access helpful information. Your information will be saved year over year so that you’ll only need to update and confirm basic information each year! To register for our programs visit our DYF program webpage

Can I register for a program without sending in a deposit? And, If I am requesting a scholarship do I need to put down a deposit?

All families, including those seeking a full scholarship must submit a deposit fee. DYF works with families and will accept payments on the deposit as long as the full deposit has been submitted 30 days prior to the beginning of the program.

Can a buddy without diabetes accompany my child to Bearskin Meadow Camp or Camp de los Niños  ? 

No, Kids Camp and Teen Camp are solely for kids and teens with type 1 diabetes. However, a buddy may attend with the child if attending a Family Session! 

Can my child attend multiple summer and year-round programs?

Yes, as long as there is space in the sessions. We encourage participating in multiple sessions during the summer. Your child or teen can get so much out of attending on his/her own and the family can get so much out of attending a family session together too!

How do your payment plans work for your programs?

DYF offers payment plans to Families attending a summer session or our Fall weekend programs will be given until December 5 th to pay off camp fees. There are various payment plan options upon registration. If attending programs in the Spring, families will have up to six months to pay off their program fees. We will run your valid debit/credit card on a monthly basis.

How do I apply for a Scholarship for a program?

Scholarships are limited and provided on a first come, first served basis with most programs.  For each program offering a scholarship, we have a simple application process. Once you have registered for camp, you will have access to an online Scholarship Request form.  We require families to provide their latest Federal tax form 1040 and a short personal written statement of why they need financial aid via a scholarship. We will be notifying families via e-mail.

How soon will I be notified whether my family has been awarded a scholarship? How will you be notifying families?

Scholarship requests for our summer programs will be reviewed starting in February and every month going forward until there are no more scholarship funds. For weekend programs, we will start review requests two months before the program date up until we have used up our scholarship support. We will be notifying families via air mail.

How many scholarships may I be awarded in one year? 

One scholarship may be awarded per year per family.

I haven’t filed my taxes for last year, can I submit tax forms from a previous year?

The DYF would prefer to have tax forms from the current year but if they are not available at the time you submit your scholarship request, tax forms from the previous year will do.

I haven’t worked in several years therefore I am not able to send in a 1040 tax form, what else can I send?

Please call the DYF office to discuss what other documentation would be acceptable to submit with your scholarship application.

If I am rewarded a scholarship and still cannot pay, will my deposit be refunded?

Yes, but we do offer partial scholarships AND interest free payment plans.

How do your payment plans work for your programs?

DYF offers several payment plan options upon your online registration. We require a valid credit card and the full payment to be paid by December 5th of the current year. Installments will begin upon registration and credit cards will be processed at the beginning of every month until your fees have been paid in full. All invoices will be sent electronically.


Can I Fundraise my Camp Fees?

Yes. DYF is so happy to be able to offer families the opportunity to fundraise to offset their personal fees! Begin your fundraising efforts as soon as you have a confirmed space at camp. Be sure that you have registered online and secured your child’s spot at camp first.

Campers and families are encouraged to seek fundraising opportunities within their own communities. Click HERE to create your page and send the link to friends, families, and others asking them to support diabetes camp or visit  All the money raised through your page is applied to your program fees!

Important Details:

  • Camp registration is your responsibility. DYF cannot hold spots for fundraisers.
  • Fundraising pages will close TWO WEEKS prior to program start date.
  • No monies raised will be refunded or transferred to a future year should you cancel/not attend.
  • Any account balance will automatically be placed on the Pay Through December Payment Plan if you have not reached the program’s “Partial Fee” goal by the deadline.

I have diabetes supplies I no longer need, can I donate these to DYF?

At this time, DYF is not accepting diabetes supplies. Please contact Ayuda Inc., an organization who works with people with type 1 worldwide. Their address is 1700 N. Moore Street Suite #2000 Arlington, VA 22209, phone # (703) 527-3860, email them at or check their website at

I have an old car I would like to donate, what number should I call?

Please contact Donate for Charity at 866-392-4483. Let them know you would like the proceeds to go to the DYF. Their website is

Have DYF fees for programs changed in 2015? 

Yes. DYF is changing its pricing model to better reflect the true cost of services provided. Since our founding in 1938, DYF has charged substantially less than actual cost of providing educational services to a child or family. In recent years, our pricing model has been based on the assumption that participant fees would cover one-third of our actual costs – the remainder coming from grants and donations. However, since 2008, grants and donations have declined, while costs for program essentials – such as food and energy – have increased dramatically. As a result, we must change our pricing model in order to sustain our great programs that change lives for those living with diabetes.


 Do I have to pay the “Actual Cost”?

No. The option to pay the Actual Cost of attending programs is just that, a voluntary option. Families that feel they can afford to pay the actual cost of their child or family to attend are encouraged to pay the Actual cost of their child attending a specific program. There is no requirement to pay anything beyond the subsidized rate and no one will be turned away because of what they choose to pay to attend camp. A majority of our families pay the Subsidized rate to attend a program.


Is this a new model or system?

No. DYF is utilizing a three tiered voluntary pricing model, a model that many diabetes camps across the country are doing in hopes of better educating their community about the real cost of programs and services. DYF has always had the ability for families to pay the Actual Cost. With many of our families expressing a desire to know the actual cost of programs, which allows them the knowledge and flexibility regarding how they choose to pay to participate and what other steps they can take to help DYF close the financial gap. Finally, this pricing model will create more consistent funding for the agency, which will enable DYF to continue to provide great programs and grow our services in the future.


The “Actual Cost” of all DYF programs are significant. How come? 

DYF provides one of the best educational and diabetes support programs in the country. This involves significant investments in staff training and diabetes education, participant safety, psychosocial issues working with children, recreational fun, and an administrative system that ensures that all regulations and requirements working with children are met. DYF is an accredited American Camp Association agency that requires meeting at least 360 standards for fun, safe and effective programs. In addition, DYF uses an outside audit firm each year to review all financial statements. It is those audited financial statements that are used to determine the “Actual Cost” of each program. For the last 10 years, DYF has ensured that 83% of every dollar spent goes directly to programs and services.


What do you need from my family?


By sharing the challenges DYF has to overcome in putting on life-changing programs, our hope is that families will join DYF in helping to close the funding gap for not only their children, but that DYF can continue to offer a 3 tiered pricing model and provide scholarship support to those who need the financial assistance. DYF has a number of ways families can help fund the programs of the agency. Whether you choose to attend a fundraising event, do your own event, or have connections to business and community members that can help DYF, every families support is valued and is important in making sure DYF continues to provide great programs to our community.

For more information on how you can help, contact Paula Gogin at the office (925-680-4994,



We hope that this better explains our goal in implementing a voluntary three tiered pricing model and how with your help, DYF will continue to provide life-changing support and knowledge for the diabetes community.


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