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Update: Work Weekend at Bearskin Meadow Camp

May 22, 2014 – May 25, 2014 all-day
Bearskin Meadow Camp
Jennifer Goerzen
925-680-4994 ext. 106
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In light of the severe state-wide drought that is impacting the Sequoia National Forest, DYF has made the difficult decision to cancel Work Weekend, 2014 at BMC. Our goal in canceling the weekend is to help ensure that BMC’s well-water supply supports the 900 participants that will partake in camp this summer. This measure is one of many to help ensure a well-rounded “water protection program”. Other water conservation measures we are taking at BMC include: installing shower timers and limiting showers; providing bottled water for drinking; using waterless hand washing soap; using paper plates and utensils; changing the menu to lessen dish washing; eliminating sprinkler use on our grass; and working with nearby camps to maximize awareness and conservation efforts.

DYF depends on the incredible sense of caring and valuable contributions that volunteers like you make to better our tight-knit community. We also realize a deep-seated responsibility and steadfast obligation to preserve water in light of the drought.

We thank you for your understanding and utmost confidence. We hope that you will continue to be involved in DYF’s efforts to change the lives of children, teens and families through programs like BMC, and that we can look forward to a water-filled 2015 Work Weekend.

For questions, or to help with our efforts, please contact Jennifer Goerzen, Resident Camp Director, at 925.680.4994 or by email at

With many thanks for your caring and support of our T1D community,


~ Janet Kramschuster                                      ~Jennifer Goerzen
Interim Executive Director                                    Resident Camp Director

 Want to help our conservation efforts? DYF is taking donations of bottled water at our Concord office and at BMC. Water can be ordered through: